Agricultural Lime Supply and Spreading



The amount of lime to apply will depend on the current soil pH and cropping. It is important to maintain the appropriate soil pH for the cropping system and soil type and soil pH should not vary more than 0.5 pH from the optimum. 


A liming material should always be well worked into the cultivated soil because it can take some months to have its full beneficial effect in increasing pH throughout the topsoil.


Farm Image can supply just the lime or supply and spread it with variable rate spreaders, applying lime only where it is needed saving money and maximising crop yields. 


'As a salad grower at Vitacress in Kent, our crop relies heavily on regular cultivation to maintain a high turnover rate. This demands constant PH correction of soil within a short time frame and therefore an efficient liming service is crucial. I will only use ACS Farm Image for Lime due to their consistently efficient service from arranging sampling to delivery and spreading at my convenience. We have a great relationship with our Farm Image contact who I can always rely on to arrange a liming program around our busy rotation.'

James Wrighton, Vitacress- Monkton, Kent